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Latest Company Case About Tattoo Removal
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Tattoo Removal

 Latest company case about Tattoo Removal

There is always a concern that the tattoo will not be successfully removed after several treatments.Of course, it won't go back to what it was before the tattoo, but, we'd say,almost, because through numerous treatments, our device has been found to be over 94% effective at removing tattoos.


How to Effectively Remove Tattoos with a Q-switch Laser

According to the principle of selective photothermolysis, the shorter the action time of the laser, the less likely the laser energy absorbed and accumulated in the target tissue will spread to the surrounding tissue, and the energy will be limited to the target to be treated to a certain extent, protecting the surrounding area. normal tissue, the more selective the treatment is.

In one sentence, "The Q-Switch laser shatters pigment particles more with less damage to surrounding tissue.

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Read the following articles and publications by leading medical researchers,you will know more about our technology.

Here's a video to show the tattoo removal process, which requires a professional to do it. It involves the adjustment of the energy level, the selection of the spot size, and the speed of the frequency. Of course, there are detailed recommended parameters in the user manual of our Q-switch laser, and we can also conduct remote training for you. For more clinical videos, please contact us.